KCT Ramzan Food Assistance Programme


The Kashmir Charitable Trust (KCT) has expanded its activities as it embarks on an ambitious project to provide relief to families in need during Ramzan. Our team aims to gather as many generous donations as possible to ensure that destitute people may spend the holy month in ease.

 Target Community

From the various impoverished segments of society, the KCT has decided to concentrate its efforts on the populace of remote areas in Kashmir. The Trust’s volunteers have identified widows and disabled individuals there whose families are living in straitened conditions. They are unable to make their pleas heard due to lack of road access and very limited modes of communication. This is the first time that any Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) has approached them as the area is isolated from accessible routes where only mountaineers and the locals can commute.


As witnessed in the pictures, the members of KCT have already started working actively for the implementation of the Food Assistance Programme. Our volunteers travelled miles on foot to collect data regarding widows and orphans in some of the remote villages and have compiled a list. Furthermore, several interviews have been conducted to understand and pinpoint problematic issues and efforts have been made to come up with feasible solutions with emphasis on self-help.  The KCT has also supplied food packages and cash donations to deserving people in order to allay their basic worries for the time being.

 Additional plans

Access to safe drinking water is one of the pressing problems being faced by the locals currently. The female members of all families have to trudge 3 to 8 miles for fetching potable water to meet their needs.  The KCT is interested in setting up a safe water supply scheme so that precious time and energy may be saved by the natives for more productive work. After working out the costs with our financial team, we are confident that our objective can be achieved if we raise £400 through charitable contributions.

 How you can help

We appeal to our invaluable donors for helping us in our cause by donating generous amounts for the uplift and betterment of people who are in need of you aid to survive. Following are the methods that can be utilised for depositing your contributions:

(email us kct-uk[@]virginmedia.com or call us 00447977572137)