Kashmir Chartiable Trust (KCT) is a UK based charity organization. KCT is a group of supporters, activists, researchers and social activists who joined together for different social causes. Environment protection and creating awareness about nature is one of the aim.  As the deforestation practices for the developmental cause has increased urbanization and the land have no alternative but to be beaten in terms of forest cover.This year KCT aims to plant as many trees as possible. We are interested in planting new trees as well as in promotion of awareness to save the old trees. KCT believes that youth can play the role of a catalyst in awareness and mind re-shaping process. Our volunteers worldwide are requested to contact us for taking their role. The two broad categories of roles could be; fundraising and participating in plantation activities. Our plantation activities will include planting trees and organizing walks for Save the Environment slogan. If you are not a supporter/volunteer of KCT yet, please contact our country representative and take your role. 

We believe that human being are continuously damaging the harmony of nature which is badly influencing wild life, forest and the ecological equilibrium on the earth and of course as a consequence even sustainability of our life on earth. The price of this disequilibrium in nature will be paid by our future generations. 

We believe that this can be solemnly achieved by a plantation campaign with peoples participation. It is all true that planting single a tree in the mind and heart of an individual can bring and save several thousands of trees on the ground.

We know that with this vision and faith we shall make a remarkable change serving the Mother Nature for securing sustainable life for all of us.