• Ramdan Food Assistance

    KCT Ramzan Food Assistance Programme About The Kashmir Charitable Trust (KCT) has expanded its activities as it embarks on an ambitious project to provide relief to families in need during Ramzan. Our team aims to gather as many generous donations as possible to ensure that destitute people may spend the holy month in ease.  Target Community From the various impoverished Read More
  • KCT Appeal for Pallet gun victims

    Since July this year more than 100 people have been killed and over 16,000 injured in clashed with the occupying armed forces in Jammu and Kashmir.On October 30, the Greater Kashmir newspaper reported that 1,631 civilians had been hit in the face, including 1,100 with injuries to their eyes.The use of pellets have been heavily criticized by human rights groups, Read More
  • Fundraising for KCT

    The donations you raise could provide medicine, food, water, education and protection to help make a lasting difference to the lives of children around the world. Read More
  • Creating SAP

    Creating Social Action Projects to benefit others in the community or around the world enables young people to foster connections and collaborations, find meaningful purpose and effect positive social change.  Through our simple framework – student generated, mentor guided – team members are given a voice and a platform for creating the world they want to see. Creating Social Action Projects to benefit Read More
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 Volunteers of KCT in legislative assembly of AJK during NYS
KCT UK’s long-cherished dream of building a platform to address the problems of youth is finally becoming a reality. The National Youth Summit was a testament to the determination and hard work of KCT along with ACT International and Valley Trackers.

The organisation’s endeavours of aiding youth in their pursuit of knowledge have moved one step ahead with the formation of this forum. It is a tangible result of what has been realised a long while back; youth need to take up a stand for themselves and cease expecting others to work for their betterment. This goal can be achieved primarily by instilling confidence in young people to follow their ambitions without any chains tethering them.

Besides individual growth, the Summit also offered a chance for youth to expend a vital part of their energies in making society a better place for the underprivileged and marginalised groups of the country, a core objective of the KCT. This enabled them to witness what is generally called “the flip side of the coin”; those realities of life that they have been fortunate enough never to experience.

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Kashmir Charitable Trust is registered charity in UK with Registration number 1053171, it is also registered in Azad Jammu and Kashmir with the same name under the society act of 1860/21 with new registration # 6320.

Our Partners

  • Burnley for Kashmir +

    Burnley for Kashmir has long history of collaboration with Kashmir Charitable Trust. Both the organization are in connection from last Read More
  • KRRC +

    Kashmir Record & Research Council (KRRC) developed as a consequence of the activities of Kashmiri students studying in different medical Read More
  • Anderhal Youth Representatives +

    Anderhal youth representatives is a Non-profit youth organization. Our core objectives are; Education social awareness and Environment and on these Read More
  • Good Will +

    Good Will organization is a community based organization working for the betterment and awareness of youth. We believe in local Read More
  • Become our partner +

    You can become our partner by sharing your NGO profile with us. If your expertise or area of interest matches Read More
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KCT Grants

Need Funding ?

If you have a good idea, you need funds you are at the right place. KCT is seeking Social Action Projects that are valuable for community development. If you have any good proposal donot hesitate to apply in KCT quaterly SAP project competition. Intially we fund grassrooot level organizations upto PKR 20000. Please visit our SAP section to check your eligibilty and other requirements. The proposals which will increase social action or organization which will match up with their funding commitments and the ideas which are large scale, scaled up or replicated will be given ore preferences than other proposals.

What is a Social Action Project?

Social action projects go beyond volunteering and service learning, where people help others in need and learn about social issues in local and global communities. A social action project is a multi-step process in which youth address an issue they care about, learn about it and potential solutions to solve it, then take action to create positive change on this issue.

A Social Action Project is an organized, comprehensive, step-by-step strategy for addressing a societal problem or challenge with an intent to create positive social change in a community.  The components are: Problem, Solution, Impact, and Story.  A Team of volunteers citizens, guided by a Project Mentor, will:

Identify a problem, need, or challenge in the community

Research and develop a solution and an action plan

Measure and record the outcome or impact in the community and on their Team

Share their Story of Social Impact as a Digital Portfolio on our Showcase

Steps to follow

1) Assess the needs and strengths of the community related to your issue. Are other organizations working on the same issue? Are there needs in your community not being addressed?

2) Assemble a team, partner with other organizations, or recruit friends to help plan and implement. Find out what everyone’s strengths and skills are, and design a project to utilize those strengths.

3) Choose an action and then create a plan to carry out your project.

Latest in KCT

  • Become a Environment Educator +

    We urge you to join us for the cause of environmental conservation. You can contribute best through your social mobilization. 
  • Fundraising for KCT +

    The donations you raise could provide medicine, food, water, education and protection to help make a lasting difference to the lives of
  • Become our partner +

    You can become our partner by sharing your NGO profile with us. If your expertise or area of interest matches
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Our Mission

Kashmir Charitable Trust UK and AJK are working on close coordination for the betterment of Kashmiri community in UK and in AJK. Our mission is to equip masses with their divine potential. 

Lates projects

Youth during the National Youth Summit NYS 2013.
Please remeber KCT this Ramadan for your Zakat, Donations and Sadqaat, we utilize it with full responsibility.
Administrative and managment cost of funds, zakat and donations in KCT is not greater than 5%.
Our previous projects includes water supply system installation for the community of rural Kashmir.